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This show is our take on how to live a happier, more successful life. It’s an unscripted take on areas that we all want to improve, including: confidence & self-esteem; love, sex & relationships; career & purpose; happiness & success. Our goal is to follow the three keys to a successful podcast:

  1. Have great guests. Our guests are f’ing awesome- we’ve had everyone from a sex therapist to a former rock star to a functional fitness guru. Our guests come from all walks of life and are carefully selected to make sure we add value to your life with each and every show.

  2. Virtually no promotions and no ads. For now we’ve chosen to forgo ads and/or tons of promos during our show. It may work for others but we want our content to lead the way-not the ads.

  3. Inspire, educate & entertain. Those are our goals for each and every show. We’re here to help you make your life better, pure & simple.

It is virtually impossible to achieve success & happiness in life without a positive self-image. Today on our show we talk about how to create a positive self image and why it’s so crucial to your happiness.  

We talk about the common problems people with low self-image have as well as what successful people do to create a positive self-image.  We then give you 8 tools for you to use to create a positive self-image. Check out the show and as always let us know what you think on the site: Much love..Jim 

Social anxiety is something almost all of us face (even extroverts) on a regular basis. So today we’re talking about how to deal with it and how to handle social situations of any kind. Blake and I will give you some tools to combat social anxiety and make any social situation easier. And for what it’s worth- if you suffer from social anxiety, you’re not alone. We ALL do. Check out the show today and learn how to deal with it.

Today Blake and I talk about the lessons we learned from watching the movie Free Solo. Free Solo is about professional rock climber Alex Honnold who climbs El Captain without any safety ropes. It’s an amazing feat where a simple slip or fall could cost Alex his life. We talk about the incredible mental fortitude it takes to climb 3500 feet straight to the sky without ropes. There a lot of lessons for all of us in this story and Blake and I talk about many things we learned from this movie. This episode is even more interesting considering Blake is a climber and has experience being ‘on the rock’ so to speak.

On today’s podcast Blake and I talk about creating a 30-day vitality challenge for yourself and why you should do it.  We feel that doing a 30-day challenge can be hugely beneficial in numerous ways and we lay out a simple strategy to get it done.  This idea was largely based (ahem, completely stolen) from the recent Vitality Challenge that Blake (and his partner Eric D.)  created and ran at their gym Stratum Fitness. 

On the show we talk about the benefits of that challenge, some of the unexpected positive results and how Blake and Eric came up with the idea.  We also talk about how to create your own challenge and give you a template to follow to do on for yourself.

Disclaimer: I’ve never done a 30-day challenge and was blown away by how powerful this was for me personally.  It changed a ton in my life and I was amazed by how easy it was to follow and how many unforeseen benefits I experienced (better sleep, better mood, more energy, etc)

Check out the Vitality Worksheet here!

Tackling a huge topic today:  The pursuit happiness. Blake and I discuss the 18 keys to living a happier life.

These are simple, straightforward tactics you can use right away to make your life happier. We talk about: What makes happy people happy? What can you do right now to be happier?

Check out the show and let us know what you think.

Life lessons are everywhere, sometimes you just need to know where to look.  Today Blake and I talk about TV shows (yes TV!) that are jam packed with life lessons.  We both love Friday Night Lights & the Office so we pick out some great examples and talk about what they each taught us.  I think you’ll get a kick out of the pod today, check it out and let us know what you think.

On the pod today our illustrious friend Blake talks about how to harness your inner power.  This is a big topic and one I’m glad we’re finally discussing.  The ability to tap into your own power is quite..(wait for it).. powerful. In all seriousness we both realized that we’re all way more powerful than we think and most of our blocks are self-imposed.  By changing our ideals and views of ourselves we can break through those barriers.  Anyway, check out the pod and let us know what you think.

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