How to Master Public Speaking

The ability to give a great speech or presentation is the arguably the single-most important skill you can master for your career.  So why do people ‘f’ it up so badly?  Probably because they didn’t listen to this podcast:)

Most people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of dying . If you’re one of those people then this show is for you.  

Today Blake and I talk about how to master public speaking; everything from preparing correctly to handling anxiety beforehand. 

We give you concrete tips on how give the best speech/presentation/toast to your audience and how to deliver your message with the most impact.

In this episode you’ll learn: the power of story telling; how to plan for any speech/presentation; what mistakes other speakers make and how to avoid them and how to absolutely crush any speech (even if you hate speaking in public).

We dispel common myths (speakers are born, not made) and give you actionable advice (know the crowd, practice, create a story) to help you prepare for any speech.