Five Keys To Build Confidence and Raise Your Self-Esteem

Confidence and self-esteem is the fuel of our lives. When you’re low on it, bad things happen. You feel crappy, anxious and miss great opportunities and often paralyzed by fear.

Conversely, when you’re confident and believe in yourself, life is simply easier and more enjoyable. You’re able to live the life you want without judging yourself or beating yourself up constantly. 

So consider confidence as fuel for living.

Today on the show Blake and I talk about the keys to confidence and self-esteem. How to get it, keep it and recover it when you lose it.  You’ll learn the power of writing a personal manifesto, choosing success over perfection and how to power through tough times.


- In order to be successful you need to have an underlining faith in your own abilities.

- Lack of confidence often comes from a lack of preparation; therefore effort (in the form of preparation and practice) goes a long way to build confidence. 

- How a lack of confidence leads to anxiety, inaction and missed opportunities and how to overcome those issues.

- Choosing success over perfection builds confidence & self-esteem. The goal of “perfection” stifles growth, kills your spirit and leads to an unhappy life. It’s also an exhausting and self-defeating endeavor. 

- Often when you chase perfection in one area of life the rest of your life suffers

- Alan Weiss & the concept of “There will always be a bigger boat” and why that’s so important to understand.

- Judge yourself against who you were yesterday and not against others.

- Powering through tough times, having a strong support system. Realize that tough times are usually time limited. Control you response to issues.

- The power of small wins. A simple powerful concept to help you build confidence daily. 

- Control your actions & live with the outcomes. You can control your actions, you can’t control the outcomes so why bother trying?

- Maintain your center, have a non-negotiable set of ideas that you choose to live by. 

- Write a personal manifesto so you’re clear on what you choose to live by.