How to Start a Business You Love

How did two childhood best friends start a successful business with little money, no experience, no customers in the notoriously competitive industry? Check out the show today for an enlightening interview with Blake Bender and Eric DePaula of Stratum Fitness. You’ll learn how being clear on your vision and purpose dramatically increases your chance of success in any endeavor.

Blake and Eric are a real-world example of figuring out what you love and building a successful business around it. 

What struck me most about talking to Eric and Blake is that they’ve grown their business tremendously by being hyper-focused on the needs of their clients and have been unafraid to take action- even when they didn’t know exactly what to do.

If you’ve ever wondered how to start a business, this podcast is for you. And if you currently have a business that you want to expand then this podcast is for you too.

Check out the show and you’ll learn:

  • How these two childhood best friends created a successful business by staying true to their vision and values

  • Why ‘business experience’ isn’t as important as you probably think

  • How to start a business and make it successful 

  • How to take action in the face of uncertainty

A few other notes:

  1. I have been friends with Blake and Eric for a while and can honestly say their friendship and business partnership is a truly cool thing to witness.

  2. Much love to anyone from the Stratum community who checks out this podcast. I hope you dig the insight and back story of how our gym came about.