How to Live Mindfully - Real World Solutions for Busy People

Tom Kelly is a spiritual badass, plain and simple.  His story of going from a partying surfer in Santa Barbera to a 26 years living in an ashram as a monk is a true love story. He is that rare person who is 100% dedicated to his life’s purpose and makes no apologies of chasing a life of mindfulness, happiness and love. Tom’s life of mindful living as a monk, as a surfer and a yogini is truly inspiring. Tom was also one of the most popular speakers at the Hero Up Summit this past November in San Diego as well. His infectious personality and straight forward approach to happiness (without the ‘woo-woo’) locks you in as soon as you hear him talk.

Check it out and you’ll learn:

  • How to live mindfully every day

  • How one book changed his life (even when he wasn’t ready)

  • How to recognize and appreciate the ‘divine conspiracies’ in your life right now

  • The power of the red stickers