How to Get Your Groove Back and Empower Yourself Through Yoga

The time to get your groove back and get life back on track is right now.  No more waiting, no more wondering what to do.  Today on the show you’ll meet Bronwyn Ison, a woman who’s risen from multiple challenges to create a thriving life/business for her and her daughters.  Her story is truly inspirational and her common sense approach to success is one that we can all easily adopt. She’s also one of the featured speakers at the Hero Up Summit coming up this November in San Diego.

Check it out and you’ll learn:

  • How “staying on the mat” played a crucial part in her achieving her goals

  • How to avoid seemingly harmless excuses to keep you from going after what you want

  • How to live with fear and take action anyway

  • How to recover from setbacks

Bronwyn is a woman who walks her talk and it was a pleasure to interview her.  She is one the most empowered and confident women I’ve ever met and her story is both inspiring and empowering. Regardless of where you are in life, I think you’ll appreciate the interview with her.