How to Build Money Confidence and Take Ownership of your Finances

If you’re anything like me the topic of managing money makes your stomach tighten and teeth clench.  Maybe you break out into a cold sweat when someone says ‘retirement planning’? I can happily deliver a speech in front of 10,000 people without getting nervous but ask me about budgeting and I might pass out. Which is why today we have the pleasure of having wealth advisor Mike Muniz on our show. He’s here to talk about all aspects of financial planning and wealth creation/wealth preservation. Mike is good friend of mine and I’ve always been impressed by how intelligent and well-spoken he is. I think you’ll enjoy listening to him. Building money confidence is a topic I’ve wanted to tackle for a while but could never find the right guest. I wanted someone you & I can relate to, someone who can give us all some much needed real-world advice. Mike is our guy. 

Mike talks about:

  • The best money moves to make at any age

  • How his wealthiest clients built their wealth 
    (great exercise in reverse-engineering for all of us)

  • The biggest mistakes most people make and how to avoid them