“While we are postponing, life speeds by.”

- Seneca

Our goal is to help you:

  • Build Confidence and Self Esteem

    Confidence is the fuel of our lives. Without it you never calculate risks, grow or get to truly enjoy your life. You live a life of quiet oblivion and that sucks.

  • Find Your Purpose

    Help you determine what exactly you want to do with your life. Who do you want to be, what legacy do you want to leave and what is your best career path to follow?

  • Get Better at Love

    Learn how to master your relationships and enjoy it more.

    Get unstuck - Sometimes you’re in a rut and you don’t even know it. If so, I can help you get out of it and get you on the right path.

  • Build a Hero Mindset

    Learn how to build mental toughness, face your fears (in a healthy way), inspire others, lead with your heart, etc. I can help you create the mindset you need to truly make your life epic and help you become happier.


And lastly we want to show you the path to create a life that you want and a belief system that serves you.

This isn’t traditional self-help though. You won’t be doing fire-walks and you don’t need a guru. In fact, You are the guru.

In this movie, YOU are the Hero; we’re simply the guide pointing you in the right direction. Kinda like Yoda but taller.


There are three ways to get involved with our community:

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  2. Listen to some podcasts here. Topics have included building confidence, crushing fears,, mastering relationships, etc.

  3. Check out our next Hero Up Summit here.

    If you want the fastest results possible in the shortest amount of time, then the Hero Up Summit is for you. This is a 3-day transformational retreat that’s like the Crossfit Games meets Breakfast Club by the beach. Check out what people have said about the summit:


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