How to Run a 30-Day Vitality Challenge For Yourself (and why you should)

On today’s podcast Blake and I talk about creating a 30-day vitality challenge for yourself and why you should do it.  We feel that doing a 30-day challenge can be hugely beneficial in numerous ways and we lay out a simple strategy to get it done.  This idea was largely based (ahem, completely stolen) from the recent Vitality Challenge that Blake (and his partner Eric D.)  created and ran at their gym Stratum Fitness. 

On the show we talk about the benefits of that challenge, some of the unexpected positive results and how Blake and Eric came up with the idea.  We also talk about how to create your own challenge and give you a template to follow to do on for yourself.

Disclaimer: I’ve never done a 30-day challenge and was blown away by how powerful this was for me personally.  It changed a ton in my life and I was amazed by how easy it was to follow and how many unforeseen benefits I experienced (better sleep, better mood, more energy, etc)

Check out the Vitality Worksheet here!