The Hero Up Guide to Happiness 

Tackling a huge topic today:  The pursuit happiness. Blake and I discuss the 18 keys to living a happier life.

These are simple, straightforward tactics you can use right away to make your life happier. We talk about: What makes happy people happy? What can you do right now to be happier?

Check out the show and let us know what you think.

See below for the list:

– Adopt a growth vs fixed mindset

– Choose success over perfection

– Express gratitude

– Avoid overthinking

– Avoid comparing yourself to others

– Be kind

– Handle stress like a badass

– Focus on your health

– Figure out how to forgive

– Strengthen your strengths

– Be optimistic

– Get in the ‘zone’ (action meets awareness)

– Enjoy the ‘little’ things in life

– Do work you love (“Do Good, Make Money”)

– Help Others

– Find meaning in what you do (or do something else)

– Slow your role

– Get out of shitty relationships