Life Lessons From TV Shows

Life lessons are everywhere, sometimes you just need to know where to look.  Today Blake and I talk about TV shows (yes TV!) that are jam packed with life lessons.  We both love Friday Night Lights & the Office so we pick out some great examples and talk about what they each taught us.  I think you’ll get a kick out of the pod today, check it out and let us know what you think.

Insights from TV shows:

– Friday Night Lights- 

– Embrace the role of the underdog (Saricen becoming QB1)

– Never forget who you are at your core (character is everything)

– Loyalty is everything (Riggins, coaches daughter)

– Entourage- 

– Stop worrying about what others think (Ari & Vince are great examples)

– Money & fame aren’t everything- friends and family are

– The Office- 

– good things happen to those that wait and are determined to get them (Jim & Pam)

– Modern Family -

– Relationships aren’t perfect, many times the can be insufferable

– ‘You can’t have a successful marriage without being a good listener. Sometimes it takes a little work, sometimes it takes a lot of work, and sometimes it’s just excruciating.’

– Be original (Phil- ex-cheerleader, tight rope walker, unapologetic taker in of ducks)

– Mad Men- 

– Learn how to Own The Room (Don)

– don’t be afraid to be an absolute badass, 

– be ready when opportunity strikes (peggy & don)

– don’t be afraid of strong women

– Peggy Olson. From Don’s personal secretary to his protégé and then to SC&P’s Copy Chief, this girl made it happen. Peggy definitely had one of the most empowering character developments throughout the series. In our eyes, Peggy is the face of women equality in America in the 1960s. She defied all expectations. They said she couldn’t do it because she was a woman. They said she wouldn’t understand the job because “ads for men.” They said a lot of things, and she made sure she proved all of them wrong.

– Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

– Don’t bring your private life into your professional life.

– One of Don’s greatest character angles is his mysterious past. In bits and pieces, we always find out new things about him. In Season 6, we learned that he grew up in a whorehouse and the only thing sweet in his life was a Hershey’s chocolate bar. It was a very moving story… But maybe not super moving when you’re trying to sell a pitch to the owners of Hershey’s. In case you don’t remember, they didn’t buy the pitch and Don got put on leave.