How to Harness Your Inner Power

On the pod today our illustrious friend Blake talks about how to harness your inner power.  This is a big topic and one I’m glad we’re finally discussing.  The ability to tap into your own power is quite..(wait for it).. powerful. In all seriousness we both realized that we’re all way more powerful than we think and most of our blocks are self-imposed.  By changing our ideals and views of ourselves we can break through those barriers.  Anyway, check out the pod and let us know what you think.


Lessons from the competition last weekend

– BB- intro about the competition (set up, teams, format, etc)

– The Power of effort/How to dig deeper

– Effects of a positive environment/How it gets you to excel

– Re-setting your ideals of what you can do (saw numerous people PR)

– Understanding pain/discomfort as they relate to long term goals 

– Understanding the difference between pain and actual damage

– People willing to tap into pain/discomfort dig better

– Your insights into the competition?

– How did you set up the teams?

– Were you surprised by the results?

– What examples of growth did you witness?

– Where did you see people fail or act negatively (if at all)?

– What other insights did you see?

– What surprised you the most (if anything)?

– Lessons

– We can all do more than we think/Maximize Your DNA - Jim Eagen

– Recognize the power of your environment (positive or negative)

– You should frequently re-set your ideals of what you can actually achieve

– Keep an open mind about your abilities