Finish 2018 Strong

Today Blake and I talk about how to finish 2018 strong. We talk about how to deal with typical holiday stressors and how to enjoy this time period without going totally  insane:)  Check out our pre-show notes below and let us know what you think of the show by leaving a review in iTunes. Thanks!


Right now

– shitload of potential delays and time wasters right now

– numerous bad food & excessive drinking opportunities right now

– people are usually stressed/late/angst filled in th enext two months

How to finish the year strong

– Get more sleep if possible & wake up earlier

– Think through the rest of the year (what’s coming up work/personal/travel)

– Work out more

– Do a mini-year in review:

– "What are three things I'm thankful for this year?" 

– “What went beter than expected this year?”

– “What didn’t go as well as I planned?”

– Release guilt about what you didn’t do in 2018

– Start planning 2019 right now. Don’t wait until the week after Christmas

– "What are three things I'd like to improve on next year?” 

– “What are my top 5 goals for next year?”

– Focus on Progress, not perfection

– Start a meditation practice

– Eyes closed, 3 deep breaths

– Moments of craziness, moments of solitude. No rigth time

– Red dot stickers example

– Set goals for 2019

– career

– exercise

– spiritual

– purpose

– impact

Survive the Holidays

– Be realistic in your expecations

– Keep your regular routine as much as possible

– Delagate the unimportant

– Avoid the “shoulds” (“I should____”)

– Do some anonomous service (homeless sandwiches) , make it easy

– Do things in off hours (shop Mondays at 9am)

– Schedule every meeting/appt for the morning

– Plan ahead for parties, etc

– Control what you can control and let everything else go

– Be early everywhere

– Keep a good book in your car, and some good podcasts loaded up