Personal Leadership Parts 1&2

Working on your personal leadership skills is one of the best things you can do in life. Today Blake and I talk about developing your personal leadership skills in a simple yet effective way.    This is a pretty big topic so it’ll be broken into 2 different podcasts. Check it out.

Blake and I continue the personal leadership topic we started last week.  We dive into creating a personal leadership plan, a personal mission statement & setting goals.  By the the end of this you should eb able to create a personal mission statement, set some life goals and create an action plan.

Personal Leadership Plan

1. Assess Yourself

2. Identify your core values

3. Write a personal mission statement

Personal Mission Statement

– Serves as a guidepost for living your life

– 2 rules to create it:

– make it personal 

– Keep it simple (1-2 sentences max)

– Not easy- expect this to be a challenge

– Examples

“To Use My gifts of intelligence, charisma and serial optimism to cultivate the self-worth and net-worth of women around the world”- Amanda Steinberg- 

“Help others lead heart-centered lives” JS

– Set Goals

– 10 things you want to accomplish in next 10 years

– Specific and not family oriented (“get married”; “have kids”)

– Controlled solely by your actions (can’t “have kids” if your partner refuses)

– Some examples:

– Spend six months traveling the world

– Write a book about __

– Become a high school english teacher

– Hold 100 HeroUp Summits

– Make them pretty big (growing members from 120 to 150 in 10 years wouldn’t be huge)

– Write an Action Plan

– Reverse engineer the process, what’s the 2nd to last thing to do before you hit your goal

– (for ex- pack for flight for trip around the world)

– 10x thinking

– how could I achieve 10x the results in half the time? What would have to happen?

– Crucial to know the first three steps to take (make these easy) and the two three steps. Everything in between will change:

– world travel example:

– 1st 3- pick continents, pick general route, pick year you want to go

– Last 2- decide what to pack & how to get to the airport