How to Live Fearlessly in All Aspects of Your Life

Peter Scott IV is a master of fearless living.  He joins us on the show today to talk about how to understand your fears and how to deal with them.  Peter shares his story of being an investment banker in Chicago (overweight and overworked) and how one simple moment transformed his life forever. 
Most self-help B.S. tells you to ignore your fears or figure out a way to beat them down.  Personally, I’ve never believed in that and Peter is one of the few people I’ve ever met who shares a similar philosophy on fear. Fear can be really good for you and often a pathway to major growth.  What I enjoyed most about interviewing Peter is his perspective that we all have a relationship with fear and it’s something we can learn from.

Check out the show and you’ll learn:

  • Why fear can be so good for you

  • The steps to confront and combat your fears

  • How to understand your relationship with fear

  • How to channel your fears into positive action