The Gen X Guide to Optimal Health - Three Keys to Healthy Living

If you’re over 35 and interested in optimizing your health, this podcast is for you. Today I talk to Tricia Moore about the keys to health if you’re over 35. Face it, once you’re in your 30s the rules change in terms of health. Sleep, recovery, pliability, and mobility all become paramount. 

On the show you’ll learn:

- The biggest health mistakes most people make and how to avoid them
- How to make sugar cravings go away
- Why you may need to eat more to lose body fat
- The difference between mobility, pliability and activation and why you need all three
- How to avoid over-training, boredom, and burnout
- The easiest way to start working out
- Why what you do away from the gym is 10x more important than what you do in it

Recording Behind the Scenes

- Tricia showed up in a cupcake shirt for a podcast about health:)  When I asked her why she said her husband did the laundry in their house and he was gone so she didn’t have much to wear.
- Ozzie (her dog) sat in her lap the entire show and didn’t make a sound. Pretty cool little dude.
- We spent a good deal of time talking about my love of Toblerone.  
- We talked about how much social pressure social media puts on people to eat cool looking but crappy food.