The New Modern Day Man - Starting Your Hero Journey

The roles of manhood have changed. 

Guys all over the world are shattering common definitions of what it means to be a man.  It’s ok to share your feelings, be vulnerable and create your own story.  It takes brave men to re-define the traditional roles of manhood and today we’re lucky to have one on our show. Our guest today, Jared Little, is the perfect embodiment of the new modern day man. 

He is: 

  1. A two-time NCAA Division One National Champion lacrosse player (Virginia)

  2. A former pastor who was called to ministry early in life

  3. A man who chooses to stay home raising his kids while his wife pursues a corporate career

  4. An entrepreneur, coach, writer, father, and husband

Jared is a true modern day man in the sense that he’s actively creating the life he wants while being a family man and entrepreneur.  He’s chosen to buck convention and not allow society to dictate how he lives and what he believes.  

I’ve interviewed tons of people on this podcast and what stands out about Jared is his unwavering commitment to his beliefs.  He believes what he believes, lives his life that way and doesn’t really worry or care what anyone else thinks.  I believe there are great lessons you can learn from him so I think you’ll really dig listening to Jared today.


  1. Surround yourself with good people

  2. Be vulnerable with your insecurities

  3. Find time for yourself (reflect & hang out)

  4. Read every day, at least 10 pages

  5. Take care of/know your wife & kids

  6. Let things die to be able to move on

  7. Be unafraid of bucking traditional views of manhood

  8. “Nobody is going to fight for you. You have to fight for yourself”

  9. Input = Output



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