Life Lessons from a Rockstar - Interview with Jeff Robbins

Jeff Robbins former lead signer of the band Orbit joins us today to talk about life as a rock star and tech CEO.  He talks about being on the Lalapalooza tour, what he learned on the road and what it’s like having a Top 10 Hit. You’ll hear about the similarities between being in a rock band and running a start up and why small vans beat tour buses every time.

 You’ll hear about how Jeff was an early tech leader and who he gets his best advice advice from (hint: his Mom).  You’ll also hear about my band experience and how most of what I learned about concurring fear, creating loyalty and love came from being in my own band. 

I will also send a free t-shirt to the 1st person who emails me with the correct answer to this question: What song did my band open with every time we played?



1. Know when you’re being an a**hole (and learn how to stop)

2. Stay true to your vision and question the status quo

3. Be ok with who you are

4. Tell people your faults up front

5. Be ok with failure

6. Be willing to buck conventional wisdom

7. Always be an artist

8. Life is an exercise in authenticity

9. Discipline is remembering what you want (Moms great advice)

10. Life is like sailing, constant process of adjusting (tack, jibe). Cannot be planned out from the dock

11. Life is a learning a process, mastering life is a process of learning as you go

12. “Write great songs”- is the core of what you’re doing awesome?

13. Clean house sooner than later, business is business

14. Understand the dynamics of your environment