How to Run a Half Marathon (And Why you Should do it)

You can train and run a half-marathon. You may think you can’t but I believe you can. On today’s podcast you’ll hear how I was able to train and run a half marathon successfully despite a multitude of injuries (past & present) and despite utilizing a training program that was largely devoid of running.  You’ll learn from Tricia Moore, my coach, on how you can train and run a half marathon successfully no matter what physical shape you’re in, past injuries you have, etc. She lays out the foundation for training as well as her beliefs on why running a race can be so empowering for anyone. I’m living proof of someone who’s not designed to run: I’m slow & have messed up knees & back from sports; 47 years old; a few extra lbs and a general dislike of running. Yet I run races for the insane sense of accomplishment at the end. I run for the runner’s high, I run for the freedom and I run to feel better about myself.  You can too. So if you have any interest in building self-confidence & creating a life where you are the superhero, then listen to this podcast. Tricia breaks down the steps to go from couch to race.  Honestly it’s probably easier than you think and it’s totally worth it. Because signing up for and completing a half marathon is not only within your reach, it’s also one of the best things you can do for yourself. Check out the show..