34 Reasons to Make Your Life Epic Right Now

Check out the podcast today to hear about 34 unconventional ways to make this the best year of your life.  These aren’t the typical life lessons like ‘work hard’ or ‘be positive’ either.  Those are great but today we dig into ideas to make you happier, have a better relationship, make more money, be more appreciated & effective at work. You’ll learn how to build confidence, choose success over perfection and why being opportunistic can be a bad idea (and what to do instead). Check it out and get the tools to make your life even better, even more epic right away. 


The lessons in short:

  1. Ask the two best relationship questions ever (“What do you need most in our relationship? What do you want least in our relationship?”)

  2. Know your partners Love Language. Read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

  3. Schedule weekly sex dates

  4. Be loyal to your partner and your word

  5. Choose being happy over being right

  6. Focus on your strengths

  7. Build confidence through small wins

  8. Create a personal highlight reel

  9. Build beliefs around successes, don’t make big decisions when things suck

  10. Choose to be the Captain

  11. Career - Solve a problem or provide value

  12. Be directional not opportunistic

  13. Focus on results

  14. Take calculated risks

  15. Learn how to email like an adult

  16. Find a meditation practice

  17. Forgive yourself

  18. Feed the right wolf

  19. Ignore the noise, focus on the signal

  20. Turn trauma into triumph

  21. Pursue success, not perfection

  22. Judge actions, not words

  23. Embrace the underdog role

  24. Say ‘F*ck it’ more

  25. Don’t suffer fools

  26. Be early everywhere

  27. Have no more than 3 great friends

  28. Treat kids like people

  29. Automate your daily rituals

  30. Be frugal with the unimportant

  31. Find your ‘Why'

  32. Replace your broken beliefs

  33. Write a personal manifesto

  34. Burn old bridges