CrossFit Awesomeness

In the podcast today I interview two gods of crossfit, Blake Bender & Eric DePaula, owners of Crossfit Society in Solana Beach, CA.  If you’ve listened to any other of my podcasts you probably already know that I love crossfit (and not just because it’s another excuse to wear tank-tops). In fact, one of the single greatest changes in my life this past past year has been crossfit. I love it so I asked Eric and Blake to come on the show and tell you all about it. In this episode you’ll learn about the biggest benefits of crossfit (probably not what you think). Blake & Eric also dispel some common myths of crossfit and talk about their unique approach to crossfit coaching.  I’ve been going for over a year and I can honestly say I’ve never been stronger and have never gotten injured, largely due to their coaching. Eric & Blake have been friends since they were 5 years old so interviewing them was a lot of fun.  They’re genuinely good guys and they even helped me pronounce “militaristic” during the show since I forgot how to talk for a minute. So check it out to hear who swore first (wasn’t me for once), who Eric’s childhood sports hero was (complete surprise) and who got them both into crossfit first.

Some of the questions I asked them

  1. Why did you start a crossfit gym?

  2. Why do you do what you do?

  3. What are the 3 biggest benefits of doing crossfit?

  4. What are the unique benefits for women doing crossfit?

  5. How are you different (better) than other crossfit gyms out there?

  6. What are the biggest myths about crossfit?

  7. What do you like best about running this business? What are the biggest challenges? What’s it like being in business with your best friend?

  8. Who are your heroes and why?

  9. In your opinion what are the 3 biggest keys to making life epic? 

Show Notes

  1. The competition we talked about in the beginning of the show was held 12/12 at the gym a week after we recorded this. A total of nine teams doing 3 different events.  At the end, I was completely exhausted but stoked to have been able to finish.

  2. I cut off Eric about 100 times because I was pretty enthused about what were talking about.  He’s too nice of a guy to say anything about it so I’m apologizing here.