How to Crush your 20s

If you really want to crush your 20s then check out this podcast. Today I let Ryan Simcoe and Jeremy Bare (two twenty year olds) take over the show and interview me. I went through my 20s a long time ago so it's pretty interesting to answer their questions about life, career, purpose, dating/relationships, etc. This is a completely unscripted Q&A as I didn't know any of the questions they were going to ask.

Some of their questions included: 

  1. How do you find life's purpose and fullfilment if you don't know what career you want to pursue?

  2. How do you have an awesome relationship?  

  3. What mistakes did you make in your 20s?

  4. What's the most important thing to learn in college? (Hint: it has nothing to do with school).

Ryan is my brother from Boston and it was a pleasure having him and Jeremy on the show.